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Online Didgeridoo & Yidaki Shop 

All our Quality Didgeridoos and Yidaki’s are authentic and made from native Australian Eucalyptus trees. Naturally hollowed out by termites where no living trees or animals have been harmed or damaged in the process. All our Didgeridoos and Yidaki’s are made by recognized Australian craftsmen and all Didgeridoo’s and Yidaki’s are quality controlled before they are offered for sale in our store. All our instruments come with a Certificate of Authenticity and a “How to play “written Didgeridoo workshop. Come in and visit our Cultural center and check out our deadly Didgeridoo and Yidaki collection at our shop just 20 minutes from Brisbane QLD. Our Shop has a mix of hand-crafted quality eucalyptus Didgeridoos and Yidaki’s made for Didgeridoo players of all ages.

We deliver our instruments to your door anywhere in the world. Secure payments with PayPal or Credit Card.

NOTE: Shipping prices for countries not listed, please contact us

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